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This Week's Bulletin: June11

October 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to opendoorcf.elvanto.com!

We are so excited to get this site up and running!  Eleanor and the rest of the team have been working since late 2013 to get our online database up and running, and we hope you will find it helpful and easy to use.

A couple features you should be aware of are:

  • Online directory of Open Door members & regular attendees
  • Church calendar
  • The ability to submit scheduling unavailablities to make volunteer scheduling more streamlined
  • Your personal account that you can maintain to keep us current on your information, as well as link to your Facebook account.


Eventually, this will be the portal for all volunteer scheduling.  But for now, we are focusing on using it for the church directory, reporting unavailabilities, and the church calendar.  If you have questions, or would like to have a brief training on how to access and use you account, talk to Eleanor Lee.  Thanks, and enjoy!